Date: September 30, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 8:1-15 |


Churches are surrounded by people that need Christ, but sometimes we choose only to share it with people who come into our church building. Are we comfortable and forget that lost people are outside the church? We should be sharing the gospel with those around us everywhere! Never stop telling others about the hope and salvation of Jesus. Salvation cannot be found anywhere else but through Christ!

Jesus preaches a parable about these truths, and that some believers will yield no fruit. It is a parable about the human heart. Are we Christians that do nothing, or that strive to tell others about Jesus? Are we spreading the seed? We are to be SOS: sowers of seed. There's no problem with the seed. The problem is with the soil (human heart). However, the seed can't change the soil, but the word of God can.